Design | Messy Mood Boards

Been feeling the blush tones. I assembled some of my favorites in this little mood board I made for one of the Instagram Stories packs with DesignLoveShop.

Sometimes it's fun to be a little messy and not so exact. You'll notice these images aren't spaced evenly–was going for a "I threw this together on the fly" look.

There's so much delight in just looking at shapes and textures and colors. I came across this quote from Jonathan Edwards this week, "There is very great delight the Christian enjoys in the sight he has of the glory and excellency of God. How many arts and contrivances have men to delight the eye of the body. Men take delight in the beholding of great cities, splendid buildings and stately palaces. And what delight is often taken in the beholding of a beautiful face. May we not well conclude that great delights may also be taken in pleasing the eye of the mind in seeing the most beautiful, the most glorious, the most wonderful Being in the world.” Wow! He is truly altogether lovely. Soli Deo Gloria!


Rebecca Allen